Conditions of use

All music on this site are protected by copyright and are registered to Sabam.

Free non-exclusive license: You can use all the music on this site for free in your movies, audiovisual and multimedia projects , as a director or a producer you will not pay any amount for their use, synchronization rights, rights use and the rights of the producer are offered as you mention "Music: Hicham Chahidi" in your credits and add a link to from the pages where your video is displayed.

To receive your license agreement, send me an email with the following information:
- Title of film
- Format and duration
- Name of director
- Name of producer
- The titles of music used and their duration
- Initial diffusion

Upon receipt of this information, I will send your signed contract, ensuring you the use of the chosen music in your project worldwide.
IMPORTANT: The rights of public performance and broadcasting are to be paid by the broadcaster: radio and television stations, operators of movie theaters ... etc.. To get paid, I need to know the release dates, broadcasters, music used and their duration.
Please let me know these details as soon as possible, and send me the Cue Sheet.

For the composition of original music and sound design fully synchronous to your pictures please send me an e-mail to to discuss.
For all other services related to post-production, to mixing and to the sound recording I invite you to take a ride on my website:

The license granted is non-exclusive, and is related to the project for which you provided the information requested and for which you received your signed contract.

Thank you for using my music and good projects.

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