Instruments virtuels gratuits

COSMOS-2 6 voices Phase-distortion synthesizer

Créé par Benoît Serrano

2 LFOs that can run freely or BPM host sync.
2 DADSR envelopes.
1 multi-segments modulator (MSM).
1 resonant filter 12/24 db/oct.
6x7 Modulations matrix.
MIDI Learn.


ABAKOS FREE Subtractive Synth

Créé par Hercs Music Systems

2 VCO with 3 waveforms.
LFO with multiple waveforms.
2 ADSR for sound design.
Envelope Follow.
Onboard Delay, Tremolo, Vibrato and Wah Wah.
Noise Generator.
Ring Mod.
Digital / Analogue Filter Modes.
Internal preset management system.


MIRACLE Groove machine

Créé par Devine Machine

LoopMorph technology.
Autostretch loops to any BPM.
Preview loops in perfect sync with the host software.
Sampler mode: more than 5000 individual, ready to use samples from 500+ full drum loops.
4 stereo outputs: bass drum, snare, hi hat and percussion, automatically separated.
Switch an entire loop pattern in real time with one keystroke.
Instantly change the style and groove of a loop while keeping its sounds.
Change tempo without altering pitch.
Real time pitch control, envelope and reverse on every drum element.
Exclusive "RMS Level" features to match the dynamic level of one loop with another.
4 stereo limiters.
Real time shuffle control.
Humanize function reproduces natural feel.
Sampler mode: map similar drum elements on the same keys.
Optional quantization of loops.
Sample accurate sync to host.
Export loops as WAVs (Auto naming option).


NAY Flute orientale

Créé par Safwane Matni

Flute orientale avec module de quart de ton.



Créé par Interruptor

playback speed is modulated in realtime by up to six oscillators
intuitive controls: Non-linearly scaled controls allow to directly set the perceived pitch deviation depth and rate resulting from the playback speed modulation.
dual mode: In dual mode the left and the right channel are modulated separately.
flange mode: When the modulated signal is mixed with the original signal a flanging effect occurs. This feature recalls the times when recording engineers created a flange effect by applying pressure on the tape reel with their hand. Additional controls for feedback and delay allow to create more intense flange effects. Although the unit can be pushed to self-oscillation in extreme settings it will never cause digital clipping thanks to a compressor algorithm inserted into the feedback path.
A built-in test tone generator makes it easy to quickly check a particular setting with different signals or to use the plug-in as a self-contained "noise maker".
If a control has no influence on the sound in a certain mode it will disappear from the surface.
All parameters are controllable by midi controllers.
Pop-up hints help to understand the function of each control on the user interface. These appear when the mouse rests over a control.
Also the assignment of midi controllers is documented in the pop-up hints.


3-OSC VA Triple osc hybrid virtual analog with MIDI learn and direct input (joystick) support.

Créé par Angular Momentum

2 Oscillators with 7 waveforms, pulse width, FM and sync
1 Oscillator with 68 waveforms
1 ADSR Envelope
1 Multi Mode Filter with Envelope
1 LFO with multiple destinations
1 Modulator with multiple sources and destinations
1 FM Modulator with Envelope
1 Pitch Modulator Envelope
1 CV and Groove Sequencer to Modulator with 4 Memory Slots
X-Y Controller with direct input Joystick support
2 delays with pan
1 Stereo Chorus
1 Stereo Reverb
64 Patches with professional sounds


JAMILA's Oscillators Quad Oscillator Synthesizer

Créé par Doctor H

4 Oscillators with 7 waveforms, Pitch and Mod Phase
4 ADSR Envelopes
4 filters 1 Cut Off and resonnance
4 Delay's one by Osc (adjustable Time delay and Feedback delay)
2 Independants Flangers (Osc A and Osc D)
1 Cut off filter (with resonnance) (Osc B)
1 Soft distortion (Osc C)
4 Vol, Pan, and Mute for each Oscillator
1 X-Y Joystick Controller
4 differents Reverbs With adjustable size room and Mix Slider
Mono ON/Off
30 Patches.


DRUMZ STRIP Drum Player Unit

Créé par Elogoxa

Simple Drum Player unit: twelve sample channels / outs with independent control over level, pan, mute and sample trigger.


RITUAL Bass Synthesizer

Créé par Aaron Rutledge (Tweakbench)

Ritual is an analog style bass synthesizer that uses several unique techiques to create a thick & rich sound. oscillator 1 is a blend of a pulse & crushed triangle, while oscillator 2 uses a custom designed super-saw blended with a crushed sine. the synthesizer also uses a custom designed cascade filter system with a feedback chain for adding analog warmth to the sound. lfo and envelope modulators can target 8 different parameters in both positives and negatives using the modulation matrix.


ALPHA 3 two oscillators Synthesizer

Créé par LinPlug

AU and VST plug-in instrument for Mac and PC
2 Oscillators with numerous waveforms
PWM (symmetry of all waveforms modulatable)
Switchable freerun for both oscillators
Extended Ringmodulation (modulatable Off-AM-RM)
Noise Oscillator
Spread (5 detuned oscillators per voice, adjustable)
Rich sounding multimode filter with saturation
dedicated filter ADSFR envelope
Amplifier section with dedicated ADSFR envelope
7 slot Modulation Matrix, 19 sources, 18 destinations

ECLIPSE 2 6 voices FM synthesizer

Créé par Benoît Serrano

16 harmonics to use alone or as modulators.
2 LFOs.
1 24db filter.
1 amp ADSR.
1 carrier oscillator with envelope modulation and octave switch.
Switchable mono / poly mode with glide level.



Créé par Safwane Matni

Kanun Synthetiseur avec module de quart de ton.


PADAWAN Pad Synthesizer v1.1

Créé par Aaron Rutledge (Tweakbench)

Padawan is a hybrid synthesizer inteded for pad and ambient sound creation. the first oscialltor is analog style, while the second is based on wavetables. there are some nice modulation options, all synced to host tempo. for effects there is a nice stereo chorus and a simple reverb. version 1.05 fixes several outstanding bug and features a new set of stellar presets by proem. vu meters will return at a later date, once the fl studio issues are ironed out.


AM ANALOG WARFARE 1.0 Triple Osc VSTi Bass Synthesizer

Créé par Angular Momentum

2 standard modelled oscillators
1 phase distortion modelled oscillator
3 independant clippers
3 independant Amp ADSR modules
3 independant state variable filters
3 independant filter ADSR modules
1 Frequency Modulation Envelope module/Switchpanel
1 modulator with more then 30 routing options
1 standard LFO with more then 30 routing options
1 BPM synced LFO with more then 30 routing options
2 BPM synced lpf delay's with panning
1 stereo chorus
1 phrase arpeggiator/Sswitchpanel
1 Midi Keyboard with notehold/Switchpanel
1 Midi settings panel
1 knob and sliders read out panel
4 Switchpanels
midi automated on most usefull controllers
127 midi assignable parameters
64 standard editable patches
Supports wave/aif rendering up to 24bit/96khz


4Front Piano Module VSTi Piano Module

Créé par George Yohng

This is a small and versatile piano module with unique sound. This piano module is neither a sample player, nor synthesized. It's a hybrid technology, that combines both methods. This resulted in a great module size reduction and light CPU usage


KxStep synthétiseur monophonique modulaire

Créé par Xavier Kalensky

16 steps CV Gate sequencer
2 Lfos with delay time and host synchro
S&H with host synchro
Ring Modulator
Noise Generator
2 Vcos with synchro
SF2 player
Mixer with a vintage EQ
2 multimode Vcfs
Envelope Generators with a lot of trigger modulations and host synchro
All modulations work in same time.



Créé par Interruptor

Emulates the sounds of those selfmade siren units used by Dub and Reggae Sound Systems like Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti and countless others.


4Front Rhode VSTi vintage Rhodes-typed piano module

Créé par George Yohng

This module reproduces the classic sound similar to RSP73 pianos. Module is not sample based, and the sound is generated on-the-fly, therefore there are 127 layers with vintage rhodes smooth overdrive, clean and continuous.


Papaya mallet synthezier v1.1

Créé par Aaron Rutledge (Tweakbench)

papaya is a physically modelled mallet synthesizer. it features a nice chorus module, and does a very good job of simulating steel drums, and other carribean type percussion.


GalactiX subtractive virtual VST Synth

Créé par Smartelectronix

16 voice polyphonic
up to 8 instances per VST host
6 high quality oscillators with no-interpolation algorithm
detune and phase per oscillator
two filters: VCO with velocity sensitivity and master key follow filter
midi control for parameters
master effects: chorus and reverb
18 factory presets + sound bank from rgcAudio


NUCLEUS-2 XT 6 voices dual soundfonts player

Créé par Benoît Serrano

2 soundfonts player
1 multimode filter
1 mod-envelope
3 x 5 mod-matrix


ARTEMIS 8 voices polyphonic synthesizer

Créé par Benoît Serrano

2 unison oscillators.
Oscillators sync and cross-modulation.
White / brown noise generator.
2 HP/LP filters 12/24 db in serial and/or parallels
2 DADSR mod-envelopes
2 LFO in free-run / Host BPM sync (can run at very high frequencies)
LFO 1 can modulate LFO 2
Ring modulator
6 x 13 digital modulation matrix
Audio routing for semi-modular architecture.
MIDI learn for using from your control-surface / keyboard.


SAKINA Two Oscillator Synthesizer

Créé par Doctor H

2 Oscillators with 7 waveforms, Pitch and Mod Phase
2 ADSR Envelopes
2 filters with Cut Off and resonnance
2 Independants Delay's (adjustable Time delay and Feedback delay)
2 Independants Flangers (Osc A and Osc D)
1 Cut off filter (with resonnance) (Osc B)
1 Soft distortion (Osc C)
2 Vol and Pan
20 Patches.


KXPM22 synthétiseur monophonique modulaire

Créé par Xavier Kalensky

La bande passante des oscillateurs est légèrement limitée et le système KXMOD peut moduler le filtre.


AM Virtuadrum 1.1 Multichannel drumsample player

Créé par Angular Momentum

250 drumsamples. Loads 16 and 24 bit samples.
8 stereo channels with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch filter modes.
Load an open hihat into channel 13+14. It will play as closed, foot and open hihat.
250 drumsaples included: Kick, Snare, Clap, Hihats, Tom A, Tom B, Perc A. Perc B, Ride and Crash. Every category has 25 samples.


AM Wavedraw Free

Créé par Angular Momentum

Draw your own waveforms! Oscillators have 135 waveforms neatly catagorized. Also comes with a stand alone wave creator!


KAMANJAT A Middle Eastern Strings Module

Créé par Safwane Matni

Cordes avec quart de ton. Envellope ADSR.


Asynth 6 voice virtual analog Synth

Créé par Smartelectronix

ASynth is a six voice virtual analog synthesizer featuring two oscillators and three circuit modelled filters.
The demo version displays a nagscreen on startup


DMIHAMMER hammered chromatic percussion sounds

Créé par Smartelectronix

dmiHammer is a VSTi for creating hammered chromatic percussion sounds. It's capable of reproducing the sounds of xylophones, mbira and chimes as well as a swag of strange new sounds.


COSMOGIRL II 2 oscillator analog style synth

Créé par Elogoxa

New version of the old Cosmodelia's synth of
the same name. We have designed a fresh GUI,
64 new presets and automation of all parameters.
It's a 2 oscillator analog style synth, specially
geared to the creation of spatial FXs, ambient
textures and experimental music.


SUPERWAVE P8 virtual analog synthesizer emulation


64 patch memory
8 voice polyphony
2 oscillators (sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise, pink noise)
Superwave (7 waves per voice)
2 Resonant filters (LPF, BPF, HPF)
ADSR's for amps and filters
2 LFO's
Modulation with routing options
2 Delay effects
MIDI CC Control



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